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Spring Washer


Spring Washer

Washer Size : M6 up to M68
Washer Material : Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Washer Coating : Dichromate, Gapvanized, Hot Deep Galvanized, PTFE

Standards For Washer 
To access the standard DIN 127 in pdf please click here
To access DIN 2093 for spring disk washer click here 

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Spring Washer

For most applications, plain washers are typically used. For machines and objects that vibrate, spring washers are recommended. Spring washers are unique because they provide an axial load that counters vibrations and, thus, prevents fasteners from loosening..

Belleville Washer

Belleville Spring Washers work very much like compression Spring Washers but offer several advantages. Belleville Spring Washers can work in tight areas where space requirements may not offer a large range of motion. Belleville Spring Washers are typically used as springs or to apply a pre-load or flexible quality to a bolted joint or bearing. Also, they can handle high stresses over this short area of motion. In most cases such as these, compression washers would fail.

The performance of a Belleville Spring Washer is based on the ratio of height to thickness. When this ratio is small, the springs will normally carry high loads at small deflections. Springs of this ratio will normally give a relatively constant or declining load.

Belleville Spring Washers are also known as conical spring washers and spherical spring washers and usually have a truncated sphere form. Belleville Spring Washers are usually made from a combination of beryllium copper, high carbon steel, spring temper phosphor bronze, or stainless steel. As stated earlier, Belleville Spring Washers provide a very
high load capacity often used in cases to solve spring problems of high loads, small deflections, and limited space.

Curved Spring Washer

These Washers play a very important role. Curved Spring Washers have a distinct advantage over conventional wire spring washers, especially when weight and space are concerned

Waved Spring Washer
Wave Washers, also called Wave Spring Washers, are some of the best load bearing washers on the market today. Wave Spring Washers provide greater load bearing capability, primarily because of their three-point contact and sharper curve format. Wave Spring Washers are perfect for retaining loads when the load gets static, or the working range is small so your axial space is limited. Wave Spring Washers can often times have three or four to sometimes even six waves a piece, even though any number of waves can be produced upon specification.

By increasing the number of waves, the thickness can ultimately be reduced for any given load. However, it’s important to understand that every decrease in the amount of deflection causes an increase in radical stress. This is why wave uniformity is important because the load rate doesn’t begin until all the waves are evenly loaded.

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