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steel washer

Steel Washer

There are many types of washer in fastener at Petroniroo Moaser we manufacture and fabricate types which are typically available in Market such as spring washer, lock washer, flat washer in different standards and materials such as DIN 127, DIN 125 and DIN6916.
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Spring Washer

Spring washer Here at Petroniroo we manufacture many sorts of Washers which are used in fastener market and industry.Petroniroo is now a leading company to produce washers alongwith studs and bolts and nuts in over 25 years and is now a well-known Name in this particular sector

Flat Washer

This is especially crucial if the contact area between a screw's bearing surface and the object being fastened is small when fastening to a slot, for instance, or if the object being fastened is made of soft material such as aluminum or resin.

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