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anchor bolt and nut

Anchor bolts

What are the applications of anchor bolt in any industry?

Different tools are used in different industries to carry out different projects. Sometimes even the smallest tools can take on vital and important tasks, such as, safety and installation of other structures. Anchor bolt is one of the small tools that is used in structures, such as, elevators or escalators and has the role of strengthening. Although there are different types of anchor bolts in the market, the metal type is more common and has a significant application in various industries, which we are going to explain in details in this article.

What is Anchor Bolt?

Anchor bolt in the literal sense means fastening and tightening, and the term planting also means placing a steel element in concrete or building materials. In fact, anchor bolts can be considered as a kind of screws for joining, because their job is to join the surfaces to each other and are used to repair steel materials. You need to use a bolt anchor or a pair of screws to join steel sheets like plates to the concrete. Slabs allow new structures to be added to the concrete structure.

Types of Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts can be divided into two categories known as chemical anchor bolts and mechanical anchor bolts

Chemical Anchor Boltchemical Anchor bolts, also called implant adhesives will increase the bearing strength of concrete and create adhesion between the concrete and the
rebar. There are no restrictions on the installation of chemical anchor bolts and you can use them at different depths and diameters

Types of Chemical Anchor Bolts:

Sometimes in the industry we hear that some people use the word anchor bolt instead of roll bolt and vice versa, but you should know that they are different and it is not right to replace these two names. Anchor bolts are a type of screw similar to the English letter L and G.

  • L-shaped anchor bolts are used for concrete slabs and their connection and are marketed with hot-dip galvanized and black galvanized plating.
  • G-shaped anchor bolts also have all these features, but their appearance is semicircular.

Mechanical Anchor Bolt: Mechanical anchor bolts, also called roll bolts, are inserted into holes in the concrete, because they consist of a cylindrical piece of roller nut washer
and a conical head. We have already published an article about Master Bolts, but you should know that Master Bolts are also considered as mechanical anchor bolts
Roll bolts are akind of Mechanical Bolt

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Anchor Bolt

These are produced across all material categories and ASTM specifications. ASTM A307, A354, F1554 are most commonly supplied specification for anchor bolts

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